Image: Kensai Nuclear Power Plant in Takahama

Quote from Bloomberg.com – Japan Vouches for Safety of Second Set of Atomic Reactors – Dec 16, 2014:

Japan’s regulator vouched for the safety of two more nuclear reactors today, this time in the key industrial area of Kansai, bolstering the government’s drive to switch on atomic plants idled after the Fukushima disaster.

[…] Japan will restart 25 of the 48 reactors by 2018, according to projections from Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

[…] The International Energy Agency projects that much of Japan’s existing reactor fleet will gradually return to service following regulatory approvals. Japan’s installed nuclear power capacity will reach 33 gigawatts in 2040, the IEA said in its recently released World Energy Outlook for 2014.

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Quote from Bloomberg.com – Nuclear Poised to Be Winner as Abe Eyes Broader Japan Majority – Dec 9, 2014:

Nuclear energy is likely be one of the big winners as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe looks set to return to power after elections on Dec. 14.

A broader mandate for Abe, who’s framed the snap election as a referendum on his economic policies, would embolden the ruling Liberal Democratic Party to push ahead with restarting some of the nation’s 48 idled nuclear reactors. Abe’s LDP may expand its majority in Japan’s lower house, according to opinion polls released by five newspapers on Dec. 4.

Abe can take up drastic policies once this election is over,” said Shigeaki Koga, a former trade ministry official who writes about energy and policy issues. “He will push through policies to promote nuclear power including restarting many of the reactors next year.”

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Image: Map of Nuclear Power Plants in Japan


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