With a new triple-A management team  and  the right financing in place Azincourt Uranium is now in the process of finalizing exploration plans for Patterson Lake (PLN) in the Athabasca Basin – home to some of the the world’s richest uranium deposits.  Our partner, Fission Uranium, is the operator at PLN and we’re working closely with their industry-leading uranium exploration team to fine tune the final details.

While the full plan will be announced shortly, what I can share at this stage is this:

$1.5 million has already been budgeted for the first year of exploration. This will consist of approximately 2500 meters of drilling in addition to airborne EM geophysical surveys.   We also anticipate employing radon and helium surveys to improve the detection of subsurface uranium occurrences.

The Fission Uranium team, under the leadership of Ross McElroy, has been particularly successful in their use of Radon surveys to identify high priority drill targets at PLS. In fact, the Fission team had an incredible 82% success rate with their winter drill program at PLS so as you can imagine I’m really looking forward to working with the team when we roll out the program at PLN.

I’ll be sharing our plans for PLN as we move forward so be sure to watch this space.

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Ted O’Connor, Azincourt Uranium CEO


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