In case you missed today’s press release, we’ve announced details for the Summer exploration program at Patterson Lake (PLN). When I say we, I’m talking about Azincourt and our joint venture partner – Fission Uranium (the project operator). The goal of the program is to identify and prioritize drill targets for the winter program. To do that, we will use a combination of airborne and ground geophysical surveys to investigate areas of interest that have been identified by Fission in earlier programs.


Azincourt CEO Ted O’Connor during his recent visit to Patterson Lake North

I have to say, I’m excited that we’re about to start the summer work there. I recently drove up to visit the PLN project – taking the Cluff Lake Mine road and staying at Big Bear Camps with the Fission Uranium technical team. They have quite a reputation in the industry now, with two major Athabasca discoveries in three years, so it was good to visit the property again with them in person.

I was impressed with their knowledge and enthusiasm, and their QA/QC protocols and procedures are top notch.

In addition, I took the opportunity to review several historical drill holes from the project.  As you can imagine, with the time I spent at Cameco, I’ve reviewed a lot of uranium properties over the years and I like what I saw at PLN. From a Geo’s perspective, there are structural and alteration features in both the Athabasca sandstone and underlying basement rocks that are exactly what explorers like to see in the unconformity uranium exploration game. If you add this to the clay and trace element geochemical anomalies you’ll understand why I’m excited.

The trip also provided me with another opportunity to put the historical work and results into geographic context. Over $4.5 million of activity has been carried out there to date and it’s great to see what has been achieved and where we will be focusing. I’ll let you know once the work has commenced and will be sharing my thoughts on the results as they come in.

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Ted O’Connor, Azincourt Uranium CEO


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