Have you ever taken part in a fantasy stock pool? If not, think hockey pool, football pool or similar and it’s basically the same concept. You pick your team (in this instance your stocks) and the winner is the one who picks the best performers over a given period of time. The online stock pools sector really started taking off about a year ago – the best known is probably stockpools.com – and we’ll be taking part in their new uranium stock pool as a sponsor.  Entrants can include us as a portfolio ‘pick’, along with ten other uranium juniors for the duration of the highly popular contests that the site runs for individual and group investors. You can visit our profile page here.


The pool is running from August 19th – December 20th, though you must sign-up  by August 19th in order to participate. There are a number of reasons why you might want to try it. For me, the one that stands out is the opportunity to learn more about the uranium sector while sharing insights and creating strategies with other investors. It’s free to play and, as well as a prize purse, there are a number of cash giveaways.

The strength of our management team, our partner and our project is naturally what ensured that Stockpools wanted us involved but what I consider to be the most telling point is that they’ve chosen to run a uranium pool (this is their first one).

Taken as a whole, a lot of resource stocks are out of favour right now. However, with a nuclear reactor construction boom under way, the Japanese announcement of ten restart applications and the coming end of the HEU agreement, the uranium sector fundamentals are stronger than ever.

To get even more of a feel for where the sector is headed, it’s also worth taking into account the number of uranium projects that have been snapped up and/or funded by Chinese and South Korean companies in the last few years. The same goes for the announcements coming out of countries such as Russia, India, China and even Saudi Arabia – the home of Big Oil. Like I said, strong fundamentals. I guess it’s no surprise that Stockpools has decided they need to run a uranium pool.

I’m excited to be leading such a great team and looking forward to moving things forward at PLN as we develop the exploration program. If you want to keep up to date with the latest company and industry news, be sure to connect with us on  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or sign up to receive regular company updates directly to your inbox. 

Ted O’Connor, Azincourt Uranium CEO


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