CGN has realized that ensuring production safety depends not only on technology, but also transparent operation and public supervision.”


Those were the words last week of Hu Guangyao, spokesperson for China’s largest nuclear power company, the China General Nuclear Power Nuclear EducationGroup (CGN). The company has announced an open house event to be held each year on August 7th to make its operations more transparent to the public.

CGN supplies 53 percent of China’s nuclear power and is the largest nuclear power plant builder in the world. It is also the operator of the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant in the city of Shenzhen in south China’s Guangdong Province which is currently China’s largest nuclear plant.

What I find interesting is that, while every energy source has its proponents and its detractors, nuclear is subjected to more deliberate misinformation than any of the others. As the country leading the international reactor construction boom, China not only realizes this fact but also understands the importance of educating the public and developing increased transparency.

The stakes are high. We need nuclear if we hope to keep the lights on in the not-too-distant-future, which is why as I write, there are more than 230 reactors under construction or planned and many, many more in the proposal stage. Countries across the world are quietly getting on with their nuclear energy programs but perhaps they should take note of China’s direction. The world’s second largest economy is not only leading the way with its reactor construction plans but also with its approach to Public’s awareness and understanding of this remarkable energy source.

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