Japan: More Reactors, Less Oil

September 3, 2013By adminCEO Blog

There is a common misconception that Japan is not operating any nuclear reactors right now. The fact is they have two 1,180-megawatt reactors running at full capacity at Kansai Electric Power Co’s Ohi plant in western Japan. Considering the country has a fleet of 50 reactors you might wonder whether these two reactors, that were … Read More

Summer Program Is Underway At Patterson Lake (PLN)

August 22, 2013By adminCEO Blog

In case you missed our press release,  the summer program at PLN is moving forward at a good pace with the completion of the VTEM max airborne geophysical survey.  This type of survey is used when you need higher resolution coverage of an area and is generally the final piece of airborne work before ground prospecting … Read More

Azincourt Announces Completion of Airborne Geophysical Survey at PLN

August 20, 2013By adminNews Releases

Saskatoon, SK, August 20, 2013 – AZINCOURT URANIUM INC. (“Azincourt” or “the Company“; TSXV:AAZ), and its joint venture partner, Fission Uranium Corp. (“Fission”; TSXV:FCU), announces completion of the VTEM (versatile time-domain electromagnetic) max airborne geophysical survey, the initial component of planned exploration work at Patterson Lake North property (“PLN”) in the Athabasca Basin. Aeroquest Airborne … Read More

Nuclear Versus Renewables

August 19, 2013By adminCEO Blog

I recently came across an excellent article by Ben Heard, the director of Australian-based ThinkClimate Consulting, tackling the Nuclear versus Renewable energy debate. The article, which is concerned with the need to dramatically reduce carbon emissions in the near future, kicks off with the comment that “Nuclear power is in the best position to replace … Read More

News Release

August 16, 2013By adminNews Releases

Vancouver, B.C., August 16, 2013 – Azincourt Resources Inc. (TSXV: AAZ) (the “Company” or “Azincourt”) announces that, in keeping with its focus on uranium exploration at the Patterson Lake North project and in light of the moderate results from operations to date, it has assigned all of its interests in an option to acquire the … Read More

China Sets Example With Nuclear Open House

August 14, 2013By adminCEO Blog

[blockquote] “CGN has realized that ensuring production safety depends not only on technology, but also transparent operation and public supervision.” [/blockquote] Those were the words last week of Hu Guangyao, spokesperson for China’s largest nuclear power company, the China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN). The company has announced an open house event to be held each year … Read More

China Goes Deeper in Search for Uranium

August 12, 2013By adminCEO Blog

Just recently, China National Nuclear Corp. (CNNC) announced it had made a technological breakthrough in uranium mining with a record drilling depth of 2,818.88 meters. The drilling was conducted at Fuzhou City, in east China’s Jiangxi Province, and is more than twice the 1200 meter depth previously achieved by CNNC. In a statement, the state-owned company, … Read More

US Directs More Money Into Nuclear Research

August 7, 2013By adminCEO Blog

The US government’s Department of Energy (DOE) has just announced $3.5 million for research into four advanced nuclear reactor projects that go beyond traditional light water designs. According to the announcement, the projects are led by General Atomics, GE Hitachi, Gen4 Energy and Westinghouse and will address “key technical challenges to designing, building and operating … Read More

Picking the Uranium Winners

July 30, 2013By adminCEO Blog

Have you ever taken part in a fantasy stock pool? If not, think hockey pool, football pool or similar and it’s basically the same concept. You pick your team (in this instance your stocks) and the winner is the one who picks the best performers over a given period of time. The online stock pools … Read More

Feature Article: Azincourt Uranium starts its journey at Patterson Lake

July 25, 2013By adminCEO Blog

Authorised Reprint – July 25th, 2013 Vancouver- There is critical mass building around the Patterson Lake uranium camp in the western reaches of Saskatchewan’s Athabasca Basin, and Vancouver-based junior Azincourt Uranium (TSXV:AAZ) hopes to be the next outfit to bring a significant discovery to market. In late April the company signed a joint-venture agreement with … Read More