What Constitutes A Good Uranium Grade?

July 9, 2013By adminCEO Blog

  The world average grade for uranium is 0.2% (WNA). It’s not surprising that compared to gold, silver, copper and other ores, even highly profitable uranium grades can sound low. The comparison chart above gives you a good idea of grade value in the uranium sector. Some of the highest uranium grades in the world … Read More

The Athabasca Basin: Home To The World’s Highest-Grade Uranium

July 4, 2013By adminCEO Blog

The Athabasca Basin in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada supplies just over 19% of the world’s uranium. It’s also the leading district for high grade uranium with an average grade ten times above that found elsewhere in the world. Three of the majors have a presence there and in 2011 Rio Tinto spent $654 million … Read More

Fission Uranium: A Closer Look At Our Joint Venture Partner

June 26, 2013By adminCEO Blog

As you know, Azincourt entered into a property option agreement with Fission Uranium on April 29, 2013 allowing us to earn up to a 50-per-cent interest in Fission’s Patterson Lake (PLN) project. The right joint venture can be a superb way of combining teams and resources in order to maximize the end result. With that … Read More

Azincourt Closes Private Placement and Receives TSX Venture Exchange Approval to Option with Fission Uranium

June 19, 2013By adminNews Releases

Vancouver, B.C., June 19, 2013 – Azincourt Resources Inc. (TSXV: AAZ) (the “Company” or “Azincourt”) announces that further to its news releases dated April 30, 2013 and May 15, 2013, the Company has now received TSX Venture Exchange (“Exchange”) approval to: its option agreement with Fission Uranium Corp. (“FCU”) dated April 29, 2013 whereby Azincourt … Read More

Patterson Lake North: 2013 Exploration Plans

June 17, 2013By adminCEO Blog

With a new triple-A management team  and  the right financing in place Azincourt Uranium is now in the process of finalizing exploration plans for Patterson Lake (PLN) in the Athabasca Basin – home to some of the the world’s richest uranium deposits.  Our partner, Fission Uranium, is the operator at PLN and we’re working closely … Read More

The Prospects For Nuclear Energy Going Forward

June 13, 2013By adminCEO Blog

Towards the end of May some rumors began circulating that TEPCO – Japan’s largest energy company (by power generation) – was going to apply for early restarts of its reactor fleet.  The rumors led to a massive surge in share price as investors poured money into the company. Putting aside the question of when TEPCO … Read More

Patterson Lake: Why This Is The Uranium Project To Watch

June 10, 2013By adminCEO Blog

It’s adjacent to the world-class PLS property, it has a wealth of historical exploration data, it has an industry-leading exploration team. I’ve spent the better part of my career travelling the world and identifying the right uranium projects and juniors for Cameco.  As you can imagine, I’ve lost count of the number of properties I’ve … Read More

Azincourt Uranium: A Winning Team

June 7, 2013By adminCEO Blog

Azincourt Uranium recently announced a joint venture with Fission Uranium to explore Patterson Lake (PLN) – an exciting property with historical exploration data immediately adjacent to PLS and a mere 5.7 km north of Fission Uranium’s major high grade discovery. So you know we’ve got a highly prospective project lined up. However, a great project won’t … Read More

A Letter From The CEO

June 4, 2013By adminCEO Blog

Just two weeks ago I joined Azincourt Uranium as CEO and director after a 19 year stint with Cameco. It’s interesting because I found myself standing at the Azincourt booth at the Cambridge Investment Conference this past weekend talking to some new investors. One of them asked me how I was finding the move to a … Read More

Azincourt Resources Appoints Ian Stalker, Ted O’Connor and Dev Randhawa to its Board and Management

May 15, 2013By adminNews Releases

Vancouver, B.C., May 15, 2013 – Azincourt Resources Inc. (TSXV: AAZ) (the “Company” or “Azincourt”). Further to the Company’s news release on April 30, 2013 announcing the entering into of an option agreement dated April 29, 2013 whereby Azincourt can earn up to a 50% interest in Fission Uranium Corp.’s Patterson Lake North project (“PLN”), the Company announces … Read More